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Archive for April, 2012

2012 SRPh Touring Car Championship season is here!

New season. New Rules. Great Races. Great Prizes!

For the 2012 season of the SRPhTCC, form a team composing of (1)Pro class and (1)Novice class or (1)Privateer driver. Team mates can have different cars from each other as long as they support the same livery(recommended but not required). And for the first time in the history of SRPh, we are giving away Original RACE07 steam game keys to the Pro and Novice class champion each!

For new members who wanted to race with us, simply apply for a FREE and absolutely FREE racing license to start racing with us:

For Licensed SRPh drivers, SRPhTCC signups are here:

Sim Racing Wheel 101

1     Introduction

Sim racing wheels have gone a long way ever since the advent of force feedback. Arcade racing cabinets in the 90s had some form of feedback mechanism, but the technology was mostly proprietary, which really held back the development of racing wheels as a game controller for the home. The technology, although available at the time, was also too expensive. Racing games were only beginning to get attention and unless people who were interested in what sim racing games had to offer had to invest a lot. As the demographic for serious sim racing games grew, companies slowly saw the commercial potential of producing wheels for home users and thus more affordable, quality wheels were made. Read on if you want to know more about Sim Racing wheels…